Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Triple Layer Punches

These punches work a little differently than our “regular” punches.

1. On the bottom of the punch, you will see the “locking lever”. You will need to squeeze the punch together to move this lever to open.


2. Now that you have the punch open, you can move the “shape lever” on the end of the punch to the shape you would like to punch.

3. Insert your cardstock, lay the punch flat on the table and use both hands to press down in one firm smooth action. The more intricate the shape, the further down the punch will go.

4. For the solid shape, positioning the lever to the far left will have a shallow down action.

5. Positioning the lever in the middle will punch down a little further. You should feel and hear 2 clicks.

6. Positioning the lever to the far right, which is the most intricate, you will hear and feel 3 clicks and the punch will advance all the way down to the locking position.

7. To close and lock the punch into place when you are finished punching make sure the “shape lever” is all the way to the right. This will allow the punch to be in a flat position and allow you to close the “locking lever”.

Have fun with the new punches and let me know if you have any questions.

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